Health and safety are two of our Company’s legal and moral responsibilities. It is regarded, beside competent personnel and quality management, as an essential foundation for successful business and social operations.

Health and safety are recognized implemented and maintained from a legal, humanitarian and economic perspective. We believe that a superior safety approach is indicative of assertiveness and responsiveness to employee needs and policy procedures. As a result, higher moral and loyalty are reached amongst employees, cultivating enhanced productivity, which again fuels profitability.

Therefore, we strive to safeguard our Employees and general public, so for as reasonably practical, from injury, annoyance or risk during all company operations and activities. The outcome is worth the effort, as it maintains our consistency and vision as top achievers in the Construction and development environment. In essence then, sustainability has been reached.


CIVIQO Construction believes that a protected environment holds future for all and is thus committed to maintaining a clean environment and support the environmental program. This creates the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the long term and is fundamental to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Our Company policy is that the fulfilling of its legal and statutory responsibilities represents the minimum level of achievement in respect of environmental control. Management and Employees of CIVIQO Construction therefore, commit themselves to actively participate in the environment control plan.

Future of the company

With numerous successful projects in our corporate CV. A strategic approach, efficient policies core values, an integrated team of professional individual and well supervised, developed workforce, CIVIQO Construction in partnership with Precision Engineers and surveyors is currently emerging a strong Civil Construction and Consultancy services Company.

We aim at our clients with a well-researched value proposition and end product that will create long term investor trust and enhance Consideration of CIVIQO Construction of perspective public and private developments.